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An overview of the varieties of our programming. Click on the category title for a list of the shows offered within each segment!

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best in underground rock. Some people call it “alternative,” but our blend of techno, low-fi, psych, garage, rock, pop, house, and punk defies what passes for alternative on other stations. We give our love to the little guys, embracing artists who aren’t big names but play big sounds. Our rock schedule combines new music with deep-cut oldies to bring you a college radio experience that feels both fresh and familiar. Check out our charts to see what we're spinning right now.

Our specialty programming fills a niche overlooked by Boston area radio. We highlight local artists, jazz ensembles, variants of hip-hop, country, bluegrass, folk, reggae, vinyl-only shows in alphabetical order, and video game soundtracks, among other things.

Some call our late night programming our claim to fame. After 7pm, we launch into the orbit of No Commercial Potential, pushing the boundaries of what can be considered “music” to experiment with the possibilities of sound. You can learn more about who and what constitutes this portion of our program by visiting our charts for it. Tune in for confusing, inspiring, carefully curated anarchy from across the sonic spectrum.

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