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Infernal Racket

with DJ Simon

Monday 8-10am

DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump-start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Tune in and freak out!


Pop Punk and Other Junk

with Molly and Mitchell

Monday 10am-12pm ; 1-3pm

We're back- new time, same us! Still your go-to spot for pop punk and alt rock. Headphones off, stereo up, it may get loud. 

The Shuffle

with DJ Quan

Monday 3-5pm

Varied, vibey, groovy

Beauty School Dropout

with ilsa 

Monday 6-7pm

i listen to music in my car on the way to the station and then i go on air and we listen to it together


Always Funky in Philadelphia

with Andrew

Tuesday 8am-10am ; 10am-12pm biweekly

Highlighting rock, pop and R&B from the city of brotherly love.

The Next Best American Show

with Mariam

Tuesday 10am-12pm biweekly

Music ideal for singing along to in your car like you’re in a 90s teen movie.

Down the Crossroads

with Quinn Kiernan

Tuesday 1-3pm

NOTICE: Get your finest piece of glass, meet me at the crossroads, and play some

slide. I’ll be crooning about my baby (she left me, of course). Harp and lap steel guitar

provided. REQUIREMENTS: A love for Americana, Folk, and Blues.

Stream of Consciousness

with Maddie McGlinchey

Tuesday 3-4pm

Stream of Consciousness is the place to find bedroom pop jams, with some anecdotes and random musings between songs. Tune in to hear what the inside of my mind sounds like—spoiler: it sounds like a lot of sad indie jams with some alternative rock and random thoughts to keep things interesting.

Celtic Chords

with Walker

Tuesday 4-5pm

A show dedicated to everything Celtic punk and Celtic punk-inspired.

Blues and Clues

with Kevin Callanan 

Wednesday 10am-12pm

Hi out there! Blues & Clues features sad songs from up-and-coming artists at the

crossroads of alternative rock, shoegaze, and lo-fi. Beyond the music, the show

highlights stories of artists played throughout the program, all of which is kicked off

by a remix of the Blue’s Clues theme song. Childhood nostalgia at its finest!

Wavey Baby

with Mella

Wednesday 1-2pm

Inspired by the psychedelic/surfer rock tunes of Oceania, the carribean vibes of Latin America, and the soft rock hits made for sunsets. This show is for everyone who loves hanging out, relaxing and imagining a ship on the open ocean sailing along. Join as we explore music from all different genres. This playlist is rock based but is more about a vibe than the genres.

The Interval Hour

with Dj Wolfe

Wednesday 2-3pm

The Lo Down

with Lauren

Wednesday 3-4pm

A jumble of indie (old and new) tunes to not chill to.

Relevant Sound

with Olivia

Wednesday 4-5pm

A jumble of indie (old and new) tunes to not chill to.

What's the Frequency

with Mike W

Thursday 8-10am

The whole ship is underwater captain

Power's Hours

with Eliot

Thursday 10am-12pm

Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC

with Maura Johnston 

Thursday 1-3pm

New music and old favorites hand selected by music writer Maura Johnston ​

Drive Thru

with Beaumont

Thursday 3-5pm

Good time to kick back and listen to some funky rock

Moon Moosic

with Amanda 

Friday 1-3pm

What will music sound like when we're living in space? Tune in for jams that channel nostalgia for a green age or that innovate into the future.

birdie's Hours

with Rose Villela 

Friday 3-5pm

A low-key hour with varying music genres, you never really know what you’ll get!

It's Dark Now

with Charlie Sedaka

Saturday 10-12am

We'll get to new stuff, certainly, but I will also bring you older music as well as that deserved more attention at the time. Expect different genres as well as rock, maybe some reggae or thrash or old soul or anything that grabs my attention at the time. Nothing is off limits. 



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