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Infernal Racket

with DJ Simon

Monday 8-10am

At last – a reason to look forward to Monday! DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Turn it up til it hurts

Heat Wave

with Matt and Patrick

Monday 10am-12pm

What do you think, Paul?
It’ll rock. We can’t tell you much more than that.

Melody and Mellotron

with DJ Brenden

Monday 1pm-2pm

technical, virtuosic, psychedelic
A diverse assortment of progressive/psychedelic tracks from the underrated forefathers of the
late 60s to the virtuoso musicians keeping the tradition alive today. Open your ears for
some Moog solos, string sections, and instruments you never thought could work in a
rock song

Earthquake Hours

with  Molly and Mitchel

Monday 2-3pm

Rock that Shakes it Up: Molly and Mitchell- Earth Shaking Rock!
 Pop Punk, Math, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, and more. They’re all different, but what do they have in common? They ROCK. So jump in your bathtub and crank it up. You may feel some aftershocks because this show’s rated a magnitude of 10. 

Brain Waves

with Sarah

Monday 3pm-4pm

Music that activates the feel-good parts of your brain, and my show is 100% guaranteed to boost your mood. Playing music from punk to pop, alternative to americana, and everything in between.

What's the Frequency

with Mike W.

Monday 4pm-5pm

The whole ship is underwater captain

Kelley's Eclectic

with DJ Kelley

Tuesday 8am-9am

Varied combo of folk rock, indie rock, and psych rock with a focus on local Boston bands.

Daily Dose

with DJ Corinne

Tuesday 9am-10am

A daily dose of music for whatever the mood is. A direct representation of what I'm feeling. My personal diary in the form of music. No judgements.


Witching Hour

with DJ Arissa

Tuesday 10am-11am

just cool and groovy rock music with some random jazz and indie spiced in.

Beyond the Beats

with DJ Greco

Tuesday 11am-12pm

Unique spinoff from our original Behind the Beats in which experimental electronic tracks are combined with a variety of genres to create a novel experience for the listener.

Two Girls, One Depression...

with Rose and Emma

Tuesday 1pm-2pm

Rose n’ Emma- honestly, pop trash

Wavey Baby

with Mella

Tuesday 2-3pm

Inspired by the psychedelic/surfer rock tunes of Oceania, the carribean vibes of Latin America, and the soft rock hits made for sunsets. This show is for everyone who loves hanging out, relaxing and imagining a ship on the open ocean sailing along. Join as we explore music from all different genres. This playlist is rock based but is more about a vibe than the genres.

Lauren and Lily Show

with Lauren and Lily

Tuesday 3pm-4pm

Lauren and Lily’s favorite funky fresh tunes from all genres. Listen for some underrated bangers! 

Moon Moosic

with DJ Amanda

Tuesday 4pm-5pm

What will music sound like when we're living in space? Tune in for jams that channel nostalgia for a green age or that innovate into the future.

Lit with Liz

with DJ Elizabeth

Wednesday 8am-9am

A fun show w/ a variety of singers and bands! Mostly chill indie rock but with a few different vibes throughout.


Farmin' Beats

with DJ Ben and DJ Shu

Wednesday 9am-10am

One of us likes country, the other likes beats. Both have nothing in common, why not do a show together?


Malleus Vibra

with DJ Julianna and DJ Audrey

Wednesday 10am-11am

Named after the hammer bone in your ear, Malleus Vibrations plays metal, punk, and everything in between.


The Shuffle

with DJ Quinn

Wednesday 11am-12pm

A show that plays exclusively good music. Track lists oscillate between R and B, funk,
singer songwriter, jam bands and electronic, as well as artists that fuse them all together. Will
occasionally have guests/friends on the show to discuss certain artists or songs.

From Here to Modernity

with DJ Quinn

Wednesday 1pm-2pm

Each week I’m picking a new theme and playing a free-form show according to that theme. Consider me inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Theme Time Radio Hours” with a ZBC twist.

Can We Kick It

with Halina and Will

Wednesday 2pm-3pm

Can We Kick It?? Yes we can!! Once a week, Halina and Will share gems scattered throughout the hip hop and R&B underground. These bops are sprinkled with fervent conversation and heated debates sprawling this dynamic industry.

Independent Reading

with DJ Lucy

Wednesday 3pm-4pm

Music compiled during my hours in the library can get louder than you think. Playing indie, rock, punk, alt, and any combo in between.

Dye Job

with DJ Dorothy and DJ Lizzy

Wednesday 4pm-5pm

Dorothy and Lizzy bringing ya indie and folk rock w/ a strong female influence. Excuse us while we charge our crystals.

Petes Lowkey Kickback

with DJ Pete

Thursday 8am-9am

Hazy, juicy, delicious tracks for everyone and anyone. Mighty fine chillcore.

Pink Noise

with DJ Gabi

Thursday 9am-10am

The peak of pop punk. Interest piqued? Come take a peek.

Celtic Chords

with DJ Walker

Thursday 10am-11am

Showcasing modern celtic-folk inspired rock and punk.

Holtz Effect

with DJ Thomas

Thursday 11am-12pm

From forgotten gems to the latest arrivals, The Holtz Effect is about music that starts a
conversation. A cornucopia of alternative and hard rock, jazz, electronica, folk, hip-hop and more provides the soundtrack to song trivia and cultural discussion.

Maura Dot Com

with DJ Maura

Thursday 1pm-3pm

Music writer and BC instructor Maura Johnston plays her favorite songs of right now.

Always Funky In Philadelpia

with DJ Andrew

Thursday 3pm-5pm

Highlighting a diverse set of pop, rock, and RnB from the city of brotherly love.

First Call

with DJ Mariam

Friday 8am-9am

Indie rock, lots of ladies, lots of Brits. Listen to me try to wake up before my 9 am!

Kick Out the James

with DJ James

Friday 9am-12pm

In these confused times isn’t it nice to find some relief? Every week James will try to bring
some sense to this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the
truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.
Weekly archive streaming is available at

Cosmic Punch

with DJ Krista

Friday 1pm-2pm

Psych rock jams with pop, funk, and fuzz

The Alt Choice

with DJ Elizabeth

Friday 2pm-3pm

A laidback hour to relax & listen to alternative pop & rock music for your entertainment!

Relevant Sound

with DJ Olivia

Friday 3pm-4pm

A mix of alternative rock, alternative, and indie, featuring covers of classic alternative rock hits.
Always relevant


with DJ Jack and DJ Richie

Friday 4pm-5pm

We are going to bring a high energy show with a lot of music that will get the people going. Our show will have people dancing in their seats or just vibing out with us over the air waves. Expect many new sounds you haven’t heard before. Buckle up, because you’re in for a wild ride.




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