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Infernal Racket

with DJ Simon

Monday 8-10am

At last – a reason to look forward to Monday! DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump-start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Tune in and freak out!

Ignore the Machine

with Bradley Jay

Monday 10-12pm

A mix of the best ZBC rock from post-punk to current.


with Josie

Monday 1-2pm

Cherry Vanilla Broke

with Jackie

Monday 2-4pm

fun cool girl



with DJ Over Dammen

Tuesday 8-9am

The Waiting Room

with Sarah

Tuesday 9-10am

The world can wait! Come listen to some tracks that make the rest of life slow down and seem simple. An hour of alternative and dreamy tunes that will make you want to soundtrack your life like it's an indie movie.

Sound Syrup

with JeffB

Tuesday 10-12pm

Swirly gooey post punk adventures, drenched in reverb. Stored in Giant Vats.

Orange Crushed

with Erica

Tuesday 1-3pm

It's a vitamin C happy hour. Music for thirsty people.

Ballad of Bad Salad

with Emma

Tuesday 3-5pm


Low End Theory

with DJ Ouroboros

Wednesday 8-10am

Welcome to Low End Theory. If I were to describe the aesthetics of Low End Theory as a musical territory or space, its borders would be provided by doom/stoner/psych metal on one side, contemporary prog and prog metal on another, experimental/electronic/folk on a third, and enclosed finally by the long arc of classic and contemporary post-punk that bends towards dub. The mission of this radio show is to conjure a farrago of heavy sonic fictions of sound, words, and music appropriate and fitting to the heaviness of the times. But fear not, this Low End Theory is not dour or depressing; on the contrary, we seek out the joyful and ecstatic in the acoustic depths of the low end’s vibrating, pulsing heart. And who among us does need some joy anchored in the deep sonority of the low end, especially now?

Rip Roarin’ Records

with Emmy

Wednesday 10-12pm

Styrofoam Stereo

with Thomas

Wednesday 1-3pm

Loud ones, quiet ones, funky ones, honky-tonks, and rock & roll. Slow ones, bright ones, blue ones, soul, and R&B, too.

Pluto Retrograde

with pey, Ashley, Clare

Wednesday 3-5pm

Just when all hope is forfeit because you've lost your family heirloom ceramic mushroom to an NFT smuggler, found out the NSA is tracking your phone but won't answer your calls (you get lonely too!), have your boss now passive aggressively calling you "babushka" since he's found out you rent, Pluto Retrogade appears and it all makes sense. You can start smoking again - you've earned it.


Cactus Juice

with Celia

Thursday 9-10am

howdy yall! some sad country tunes (are there any other kind?) for ur thursday listening pleasure :)


with PeterC

Thursday 10-12pm

Industrial Dadaism, Situational bacchanalia Surrealistic Minimalism

Sing the Body Electric

with Brian

Thursday 1-2pm

Bronze Statues

with David DK

Thursday 2-3pm

All things pass, but some are remembered. Others sit still in relief, settled over time. Bronze Statues explores the recent past with a gauzy lens of ambient and post rock, experimental pop, and shoegaze, with particular attention paid to Japanese rock and electronic music from the last 20 years.

Incandescent Dream

with Julianna

Thursday 3-4pm

Gold Soundz

with Pete

Thursday 4-5pm

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.


Rat Fever

with Nick

Friday 8-9am

Kick Out the James!

with James

Friday 9-12pm

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.


Yard Tunes

with Murph

Saturday 1-2pm

We're two sides of the same coin bringing you two hours of salty & sweet, loud & soft, rock & electronic and everything in between.

Yard Tunes

with Sweet Gabby

Saturday 2-3pm

We're two sides of the same coin bringing you two hours of salty & sweet, loud & soft, rock & electronic and everything in between.