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WZBC Newton 90.3FM Concert Report

Please Note: We review all submissions for accuracy, but mistakes and changes do occur, so please check with the individual venue for up-to-the-minute information.


April 23-29:

4/24: Overcoats at Brighton Music Hall

4/24: Weval at the Sinclair

4/26: Andy Shaul at the Royale

4/27: City of Sun at the Sinclair

4/28: Mac Aryes at Roadrunner

4/29: Bankrol Hayden at the Sinclair

4/29: Kevin Karl at the Royale

4/29: Screaming Females at Brighton Music Hall


May 1-6:

5/4: Khemmis at Brighton Music Hall

5/5: Transviolet at Brighton Music Hall

May 7-13:

5/7: Annie Dirusso at the Sinclair

5/12: Cobra Man at the Royale

May 14-20:

5/16: Shame at the Sinclair

5/20: Joan at the Sinclair

May 21-27:

5/21: Westerman at the Sinclair

5/22: Indigo de Souza at Roadrunner

5/22: SYML at the Sinclair

5/24: Beach Bunny and Pup at Roadrunner

5/24: Narrow Head at the Sinclair

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