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WZBC-Newton is a 1000 watt radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and owned by the Board of Trustees of Boston College. WZBC broadcasts at a frequency of 90.3MHz and can be heard throughout the greater Boston area. It is completely operated by full-time undergraduates at Boston College.


WZBC is located in McElroy Commons 107, at the corner of Beacon and Hammond streets in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Normal office hours are between 11am and 5pm.


Mission Statement


Boston College radio, WZBC 90.3 FM, is a non-profit, non-commercial entity operating under the auspices of Boston College.

WZBC's goals include:

  • Providing Boston College students with the opportunity to manage and operate an entirely student-run radio station .

  • Providing Boston College students and the Boston community with unique and progressive programming.


We do this in a way that shows our commitment to:

  • Teaching students the technical, programming and organizational aspects of running a radio station.

  • Valuing and appreciating the diversity of ideas, opinions and tastes of both Boston College students and the greater Boston area.

  • Publicizing and promoting WZBC to the Boston College community to enhance accessibility and increase listenership on campus.

  • Adhering to the regulations imposed by the FCC and the values of Boston College.


Welcome to WZBC, Boston College's student run radio station. Originally founded as WVBC, the voice of Boston College, the radio station began in 1960 as a carrier-current AM station, broadcasting solely to the university commnity through the electrical wiring of on-campus buildings and dormitories. After operating in this capacity for 13 years, Boston College Radio took a big step by applying for a license to open and operate WZBC-FM, a nine watt, educationally-oriented station at the frequency 90.3. With the advent of WZBC-FM, the radio station expanded its listenership to begin serving the outside community. Through locally based programs, WZBC proposed to link area residents with the university.


WZBC has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 1973. A power increase was given to WZBC in 1974, bringing the station up to its current output of 1000 watts and allowing once again for an expansion in listenership. Another important touch was added in 1979 when our broadcast signal became stereo. However, arguably the most important change in WZBC history occurred later that year, or perhaps the following one (depending on whom you ask), when the station changed its format to something called modern rock. The frequency formerly home to James Taylor and his ilk became inundated with innovative new bands which commercial radio would not touch. At approximately the same time, WZBC also began broadcasting more experimental music under the moniker, No Commercial Potential, thus changing the future of WZBC irrevocably. Since the initial format change, WZBC has grown to become one of the most influential and respected college stations in the country.


As it stands now, WZBC is actually two fully functioning broadcast entities. Besides the FM frequency, there is also WZBC-AM, which operates on a carrier-current, much like the station's predecessor, WVBC. 

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